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Pseudonym reading Black and white flowers
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date February 5, 1985
Specified details
quantity 1 territory
location Morioka City tea plantation
owner Nakamura Keiichi
Holding group
Management organization
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Overall height 74.3 cm.
Shantou shape, hard-painted black-painted, leather-covered peony with red iron.
The front and back of the body is covered with a string entanglement.
Tang-Yozi statement on the front, embroidered peony on the back.
Southern house for the 29th generation.
It corresponds to what is written in the same family as "Bunsho Goshu Gyoza Foot Book" in Bunsei 13 (1830) as "1 領 重 召 御 御 具 領 領".
This object is worn in case of emergency such as fire or flood, and wrap it in leather or chain mesh on black cloth, and there are many colors such as persimmon, white, green, asahi, persimmon, persimmon, etc. It is embroidered with tangyuko peony using yarn.
The remains of similar items are rare and valuable.