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Pseudonym reading The whole city is full moon
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date February 5, 1985
Specified details
quantity Two large and small
location Morioka City Ueda
owner Takeo Fujio
Holding group
Management organization
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Large vertical 8.2 cm.
Width 7.4 cm.
0.6 cm thick.
Small vertical 7.5cm.
6.7 cm wide.
0.6 cm thick.
A long, round, square-shaped, round-turned ear.
A stone crest is cut in a circle on the right shoulder and one on the left hem with the cutting table.
Inscription "Morioka Sumigen Takaya" is inscribed on the table of the table.
Tailoring two large and small.
Source (Tachibana) Takaya is a Morioka mochi acupuncturist, who has a wide range of works, such as scoops, watermarks, and inlays, and all of them are excellent.
The pattern is simple with a family crest as the subject, but the forging of iron is fine and great, and the cut of the fort is very sharp.
There is also something to see in the watermark.
The cobblestone crest is said to be the crest of Mr. Waga, and it is rare and perfect to complete two large and small pieces and it is rare.
Prefecture designation