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Pseudonym reading Evidence
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date October 18, 1988
Specified details
quantity One side
location Oshu city Esashi ward 梁 小林 Kobayashi
owner Hirano Moriya
Holding group
Management organization
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Suspension, Tochigi.
The surface diameter is 19.7 cm.
5.0 cm in height.
Mouth diameter 21.5 cm.
A fish-shaped fishing rod is provided on the side of a cast copper regular circle.
There is the following inscription at the edge of the mouth.
On the right and a half, "Kumano Sanroku 6th anniversary year fifty-eight-year-old Ise" On the left and a half Will.
This person led a believer and went to Kumano six times.
August is the end of August in 1529, and the 7th is the memorial day you returned from the staff.
This chopsticks was probably hung in front of her chest and pounded.
It later came to be used as a pun for Nembutsu class.
The suspension for that is attached.
It is well done, typical of drums and valuable.