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Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date November 2, 1999
Specified details
quantity 2 waist
location Morioka Ehimecho Morioka Central Public Hall
owner Morioka
Holding group
Management organization
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The lion head is the lion's head of the lion's tail.
The male sword is mainly made of red bronze and distributes gold on the brim and rim.
The female sword is mainly made of gold, and its edge is made of copper. The contrast between male and female is considered, and it is delicate and sophisticated.
It has always been described at the head of "The Treasure Treasures Book" of the various southern houses.

The author is named "Kosuke Kogen" (Mr. Clasper) and "Ryashi Fuji right" (Mr. Shii) by "Musashi Craftsmen's Invitation Award" (Murata Family Document) in May 11 (1828). It is known that it has been completed in 1675.
Both are allowed to enter and leave the Edo house in the generation of southern Shigenobu, and they will soon reside in Morioka and be held as a ruler who is under the control of Okonado.
As a craftsman of Morioka Samurai, this is what becomes a down arrow.

The male and female swordsmanship has been accustomed to be embellished with a ceremonial occasion during the New Year in the New Year, and it is a useful treasure to be displayed along with the wharf gauze sword and the gauze chisel sword.

This male and female sword is not only excellent as a craft, but also has been regarded as important for Morioka.

In addition, the swords of Bizen Kunagashima Sumicho are included in the Lions Yu Oshio sword.
This is a masterpiece of the Bizen sword of the Kamakura period, and is designated as an important artwork of the country.

(The first tangible cultural property designation standard painting, sculpture, crafts department 1.3 applicable)