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Pseudonym reading Prefecture designation
Specified type
Type Craft
Designated date November 2, 1999
Specified details
quantity 1 waist
location Hanamaki City Takamatsu Hanamaki City Museum
owner Hanamaki
Holding group
Management organization
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The Shantou Gochan Sword has a golden hand and a monkey hand.
At the end, it is assumed that Kamakura's fixed pattern is scattered on a gold-free ground.
The handle is covered with silkworm and the handle thread is purple.
All metal fittings are made of gold and the engraving is precise.
The tail pattern of the sheath is also fine and sliding.

Although the author is unknown, it is considered to be the production of the early Edo period.
Imamura Nagaga 御 雉 造 造 造 無 類 類 類 ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ ア レ 多量 多量 タ ル タ ル タ ル タ ル タ ル タ ル タ ル タ ル タ ル 宮 宮Goldfish no 刀 ant 黄金 ノ 二 weight two hundred eighty 匁 Ali ヒ ヒ ヒ ヒ 黄金 一層 一層 ヲ ヲ ヲ ヲ 三 三 三 匁 匁 匁 如 如 ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ と と 絶 絶 絶 絶 絶 絶 絶 絶 絶It is a work.
They exhibited at art exhibitions established in April, 1868 and became widely known.
It is believed that the red bronze bronze chopsticks were produced with this golden bronze chopsticks in mind.

In addition to being a superior item among bird neck swords, Shantou Gochan Sword has been regarded as important to the Morioka fort, including being shown in the ceremonial ceremonies of the Kotobuki as treasures of the Southern House.

(The first tangible cultural property designation standard painting, sculpture, crafts department 1.3 applicable)