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Pseudonym reading Hou Gojin
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date November 2, 1999
Specified details
quantity 1 waist
location Hanamaki City Takamatsu Hanamaki City Museum
owner Hanamaki
Holding group
Management organization
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A long-eared sword with a bronze head is a monkey hand.
The edge is carved in red bronze on a piece of mokutsuru-mon-mon-mon-zuku-mon-zuri and arabesque, and the pattern is in a red-colored bowl and the patterned yarn is brown.
All the metal fittings are made of copper and the rims are covered with gold, and they are carefully built.
Red copper is blue and black and of good quality.
It will be paired with the golden-made wharf Gochan-Tatei of female tailoring.

The author is named Kogen Kuzo (Okushi Gunshi) and Yamaguchi Katabei (Ohina Shiori) by “Muso Craftsmen Called a Prize Award Letter” (Murata House Document) in May of Bunsei 11 (1828). It is known that it was produced around 1530 (G).
This is also referred to as "Tunshige Newly Covered Goto Otoya" in the "Bunsei 11-year Gokuraku Goshuo Shobo".
In addition, there is "Imamura Nagareki, Akira Ha-ko made by Tatsushi Shiku, a kind Nari" as the relevant comment of "Otoken List" revised in June, 1972.
It has been exhibited and introduced to Yugokan (Tokyo) in May 1887.

Morioka Mio It is a masterpiece by the craftsmen you possess, and has been transmitted as a treasure of the southern house along with the gyoza-oh-oh-o-chan.
It has always been shown in the ceremonial ceremonies.

(The first tangible cultural property designation standard painting, sculpture, crafts department 1.3 applicable)