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Pseudonym reading Komoshishi Odori
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Intangible folk cultural property
Designated date April 22, 2014
Specified details
location Tono City Matsuzakicho Komagi District
Holding group Kamoko Komagi Dance Conservation Association
Management organization
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This iron armor is a iron armor received from Shogun Hideharu as a reward for capturing cranes at the time of the southern Tonao's ascent to Edo Castle on January 20 (1618) of Genwa 4 (1618). It was a treasure of Ieyasu.

The barrel is long and heavy compared to a regular front-end gun.
The shape of the cylinder is octagonal, with two middle joints between the forefoot and the forefoot.
The large number in the middle indicates the characteristics of the cylinder used for the far-fielding of the Inaritomi flow.
The bottom of the tube is cut with the name “Seiji's work” and the upper surface is inlaid with “Satori Yui Ichimu (Hana Shiori)”.
For this reason, it has the synonym of "Sabori Kotobuki".
"Sabori Teikoku" is famous for being found in the "Numo Secret Secret Book", "Muro Retirement", "Kansei Shigehiro Various Family Notes", etc. of "Cychical History".

This iron plate is well preserved, and is a good product commensurate with the story.
It is valuable not only as a southern house but also as a historical document of Morioka Pass.

In addition, "Otetsu Teimu Gotensho Suzumaki" which describes the circumstances given to Tonanawa Tokugawa from Tokugawa Hideo, and a reply from Toshikatsu Gakuin Doi are valuable as a related document. .

(The first tangible cultural property designation standard painting, sculpture, craft item 3)