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Pseudonym reading Morioka Nanuki Umajimaru
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date September 30, 2005
Specified details
quantity 1 point each
location Shinami Town
owner Shinami Town
Holding group
Management organization
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Golden tea gyoza ground turtle leather insert tool foot underwear black ladder ground turtle shell scatter pattern chain insert foot underwear

Gold-tea ladder ground-clad leather undercarriage underwear is made of white-brown ground with a gold-brown ladder on the outer surface and a light-red feather double on the lining, and a leather-lacquered turtle shell-shaped board and chains sewn between them. It is inserted in between.
A black-and-white back-ground turtle-patterned chain-underwear uses a black-collar backboard as the outer surface and a maze-dyed lining for the lining, and sews and inserts a turtle-shaped iron sheet metal and a chain in the twill-dyed linen It is. At the end of the frame, cover the rose. The sleeves are sleeves, and turtle collars are used for the collar. The outer shell is sewed with a thread along the outline of the hardware. It shows the characteristics of a typical end-of-the-border underwear garment, with sleeves being sleeves and turtle collars being loaded into the collar.
The two types of underwear are carefully made using plenty of upper fabrics and materials, and are high-grade samurai dyed textiles from the late Edo period to the end of the Edo period, and have increased protection in times of no war Having a full-leg underwear is also valuable as an indication of one of the armed features of the Southern House.