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Pseudonym reading What is it?
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date April 5, 2013
Specified details
quantity 5 muscles
location Morioka City Maru Morioka History and Culture Museum
owner Morioka
Holding group
Management organization
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Peony Tangiko pattern Bodhi belt White background chrysanthemum drum Aoumi wave pattern Bodhi band Dark brown ground Shiho treasure connection Peony Fuji Kikugen Car pattern Bodhi band Butterfly chrysanthemum flower bed type Belt

The band is a special band used for formal dress from April 1st to September 8th in the Edo period, when high-class women such as regular rooms and princesses from Daimyo belong. It is a major feature that it is a key feature to wear with a small umbilical cord, a waistband, and a core band that extends sideways like a wing of a dragonfly on the back on a particularly important ceremony day. It can be said that it is an expression of the effort of a warrior woman who is conscious of the traditional armor and formal dress of 正, while wearing a small sleeve accepted by an identity layer.
At present, it is five points out of about 30 of the remains of the bodhi which can be confirmed all over the country, and it is a point which is very important in the craft history of this prefecture in the point that the origin of having passed on to the southern house is clear.