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Pseudonym reading Let's talk about time
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date November 6, 2015
Specified details
quantity 1 bit
location Hanajo-cho, Hanamaki-shi
owner Hanamaki
Holding group
Management organization
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It was cast as the bell of Morioka Castle in 1646, and bears the inscription of September of the same year. It was said that it was recast since it was broken in the first year of the Qian's Republic, and it was replaced by "Southern Morioka Castle Bell" (located in Yanaka, Tokyo) for the first time in five years due to lack of volume. After that, through the Matsurin-ji Temple of Hanamaki, the third generation lord Shiushinobu ordered the reuse in the form of a Hanamaki, and it was used as the time bell of Hanamaki Castle during the reign.
The bell is divided into four rows vertically, and 64 "milks" are attached between the upper stage milks. There are inscriptions of intaglio on the two sides of the lower pond.
The founders are the Suzuki family's Suzuki Tadabei and Suzuki Tadazaemon, who had been called by Morioka, and the inscriptions of the inscriptions are Tsutomu Tsushima's diplomatic monks.
Currently, it is located in front of the Hanamaki City Hall, and even today the security guards of the City Hall are crawling at 6 o'clock every evening. With regard to this bell, it is possible to follow the history and changes of the Shosei period and the Meiji period from inscriptions and various historical materials, and since the history after casting is clear, it is valuable as a time bell that has passed on to 370 years after casting. It can be said that it is a cultural asset.