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Pseudonym reading Japanese language
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Handwriting
Designated date March 17, 1959
Specified details
quantity 27 books
location Oishi City Mizusawa-ku Kuroishi Town Character Shohoji
owner Shohoji
Holding group
Management organization
home page Oshu City (Mizusawa Roman)


A correction book.
Vertical 27.0 cm.
19.3 cm wide.
Japanese spelling, cover paper.
The “Hoho Kogakuzo”, which has been transmitted as a treasure of Shohoji, is a collection of instructions from Dogen Zenshi, and it has been ten years (1478) that is supposed to explain the secrets of the Shodo sect. They went to the library and copied the book, and among the 75 volumes and 30 volumes, 27 are extant.
The author is Kotobuki, Oh? , Zu Yin, Sa Zun, Munei, Hidenori, Bunmei and others.
There is a secret book of 912 (1512).
The "Eiseisei Zetsuzo Misa" is regarded as valuable, including "the doctrinalism" of the Dogen Doujin who is not found elsewhere.