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Pseudonym reading Morioka Hall
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Old document
Designated date June 4, 1993
Specified details
quantity 189 books
location Morioka Ehime-cho (Morioka City Central Public Hall)
owner Morioka
Holding group
Management organization
home page


Vertical 46.5 cm.
Width 66.0 cm.
It is unclear when the transcripts began to be written, but what is currently being handed over is Kanei 21 (1644) March 14 to Tenpo 11 (1840) December 28 (30) This is 197 years (15 of these are missing).
As this book is also known as the "Nanban House Senior Staff Diary", it is the one recorded by the "Goshosho" in the house.
The format of the description is, under the daily date, the weather of the day and the elders of the duty on a daily basis, followed by the text.
Looking at the text, from the beginning to the end of Bakumatsu, the politics, economy, society, religion, etc. of Shonai, especially the demographics of the area and the guest of horseman, etc., poor harvest, famine, farmer's class, etc. It also extends to
In this way, this book is a first-class historical material in which a wide range of social events are recorded in a diary format, and both the mass and content are rich, and to investigate Morioka's history.