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Pseudonym reading け い こ う ゆ ゆ ゆ ゆ
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Old document
Designated date April 5, 2013
Specified details
quantity 2 books
location Karume-cho Oji Karume Karume-cho History Folklore Museum
owner Karume town
Holding group
Management organization
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The property is an official record that is considered to be created by the family of Morioka Sadatoshi and Kitaka (later to the southern family and the new family), and the recorded age is Shonori 3 to 1 is there.
The name is considered to be the name given by Mr. Kotaro Ota, the former owner, and the title of the inner cover, which is considered to be the original cover, is the title of the middle door. There are some documents with titles such as “Transcript”, “Cultural 6-year-old second-handed register”, and “Bunsei 3rd year's register”.
In addition to the name and date of the document, and the work rate of a person called an elder in the Northern Family Family, it is sometimes found to be described in the name of the cover, which is considered to be the original cover, in the Yokozuchi spell.
The materials concerned are in the form of a diary, in addition to the documents received at your next seat, mainly for work carried out in the middle of the new year, family ceremonial ceremonies and inheritance, sickness reports, tombs of the owner, tojos, etc. Etc. are detailed.
“Ojijimu Shoji” is a well-documented trend of senior ministers since the middle of the Edo period, and is a valuable source of information on the social situation at that time in Morioka.