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Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Old document
Designated date April 5, 2013
quantity 2 books
location Karume-cho Oji Karume Karume-cho History Folklore Museum
owner Karume town
Holding group
Management organization
A farm book and will written by Serizawa Enokiemon, who ran sake breweries and pawn shops in the former Hachinohe clan light rice village.
"Karushima Kosakushu" is an agricultural book written / edited in 15 years from Hiroko 4 (1847) to Bunkyu 2 (1862). The contents consist of "Agriculture knowledge", "Crop cultivation theory", etc. A direct motive is the fact that the “Agriculture Complete Book”, a representative work of the early modern farming book, was not fully adapted to the area.
"Determine" is a book that describes the philosophy of large-scale diversified business owners in the area as a home economics knowledge to descendants, and is a book that allows you to know the background of the establishment of "邑 邑 鈔 鈔".
The agricultural book that teaches the technology under the weather and geographical conditions of the former Hachinohe territory and Morioka territory does not reach to the end of the Edo period, and its detailed description is a rare one that knows the facts of northern Tohoku region in Japanese agricultural history It is a historical source.