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Pseudonym reading Tatto
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Archaeological Material
Designated date July 25, 1956
Specified details
quantity 1 unit
location Hiraizumicho Hiraizumi Character Flower
owner Senjuin
Holding group
Management organization
home page Hiraizumi's cultural heritage


Height 89.4 cm.
We found a cast iron bas-relief tower on the Nakajima island of Tsuruike in 1355 (Wangan 4) (1355), and now it has only a cylindrical body and pedestal, with the ninefold Ayuwa and buttocks missing. Is left.
According to the yang cast of the department, according to the inscription, the sixty-six parts of the Hokkai are put in the cylinder, and wishing that there is a fast-grooming Buddha in the law world, there is a sense that the rightful minister Yukiken et al. Is noted.
It is a valuable relic in the history of religion, and it has good characters as a golden stone.