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Pseudonym reading Time limit
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Archaeological Material
Designated date March 19, 1965
Specified details
quantity Bulk
location Hanamaki City Towamachi Taniuchi
owner Tanuchiyama Shrine
Holding group
Management organization
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□ It is excavated from the Tanuchiyama Shrine 経 (prefecture designated historic site).
The breakdown of the excavated items is as follows.
One item from the West Jeong Muk-do item, a blue four-eared bowl, a Huzhou mirror, and a piece of old Chinese coin (Xiang Yuan yuan treasure).
Higashi-Keizuka excavated stone stone tubular 1 piece, old Chinese coin 18 pieces (2 pieces of open source treasures, 1 piece of original treasure, 1 piece of Jingde yuan treasure, 2 pieces of original treasure treasure, 3 pieces of heavenly treasure, 3 pieces of royal treasure 1 Three pieces of Liaoning Yuanpo, one Yuanfeng Tongbo, one Yuanchun Tongpo, one Shaoxi Yuanpo, one Shengei Yuanpo, and one Gyeongwon Yuanpo.
Kage Ao 4 Ears, Huzhou mirror, Chinese old coin are close to completion, and this is the first example for this prefecture, and it is valuable as a corroborative excavated item.