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Pseudonym reading I am sorry
Specified type Archaeological Material
Designated date March 4, 1975
Specified details
quantity 8 units
location Kitakami city Inase-cho Uchimonoka
owner Gokuraku Temple
Holding group
Management organization
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Enkei Three-year-old □ one of the famous ones of Dec. 9th, Dec. 延 The one-year-old ones of Mt. Dec. 9th, 62-173 cm high.
27-48 cm in width.
All eight are bimonite andesite.
Gokuraku-ji is supposed to be Gokuraku-ji, which was designated as "Rokuoku Kuni-Shin-ji" in Tian'an first year (857).
Every stone monument in this temple of Gouraku-ji Temple is clearly inscribed with the main deity, seeds (梵), one king, and one day.
This is the foundation of Yanqing 3 (1310), and indicates the transition from the ten kings ten Buddha faith to the thirteen Buddhas progress, and it has high material value in religious history, and it is a precious gold stone even from the viewpoint of the principal value seed research It is a sentence.