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Pseudonym reading Long life cat dog
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Archaeological Material
Designated date May 17, 1994
Specified details
quantity Bulk
location Miyako
owner Miyako
Holding group
Management organization
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The Nagane Tomb Group belongs to the last tomb group widely distributed in the northern part of the Tohoku region.
Traditionally, the last tomb groups in the prefecture have been said to be concentrated in the Kitakami River middle basin and the Mabuchi river basin, but the Nagane burial mound group is valuable as it is the first to clarify the existence of the tomb groups in the coastal area of this prefecture.
It is also valuable in knowing the interactions with other groups of tombs.
Articles excavated from the Tomb Group are swords, coins (Japanese and Chinese), iron, iron products, balls and pottery.
Swords, such as swords, straight swords, swords, power drums, etc., which are representative of the typical swords found in late Tombs in the northern part of the Tohoku region, and when considering the character of the burial mound, It is also valuable in considering the production techniques and age of swords.
In addition, Wado Kaiyu has been found in Iwate Prefecture only in a few places, and it is valuable in knowing the age of ancient tombs.
The age of construction of this group of tombs is estimated to be in the eighth century from the characteristics of the pottery.