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Pseudonym reading What kind of service does it take?
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Archaeological Material
Designated date March 4, 2008
Specified details
quantity 2 points
location Kitakami City Flower
owner Kitakami
Holding group
Management organization
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The remains of the site in the southern industrial area are excavated from the K 205 mound and the K area among the six connected mounds in the site in the southern industrial area of Kitakami city, which was excavated in 1991. And a bronze man Goddess statue.

The excavated item is a 12th century cavitation related material excavated from the rare excavation survey in the prefecture, which is well preserved in the prefecture, to know the religious view of the Oshu Fujiwara era, and to consider the influence on areas other than Hiraizumi Is a valuable resource.