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Pseudonym reading Fujisawa Egomori Museum of Technology
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Archaeological Material
Designated date October 2, 2009
Specified details
quantity One case 1,390 points
location Yado-machi Oyza Nishi Tokuda Yado-cho History Folklore Museum
owner Yado town
Holding group
Management organization
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The Fujisawa Kashiwa Mori Ancient Tomb Group is located in Fujisawa, Yawa-cho, Shiwa-gun, and is located on the lower terraced surface about 108 meters above sea level. The existence of the ruins has been known for a long time, and it is in the memoirs of Morioka Samurai's House Diary, "Records", in the records of Kanbun 12 (1671), or in the "Extending Process" of Shimizu Aki all over Kanen 4 (1751). The picture of the mound is also drawn on the picture of. Excavations up to the present have confirmed the existence of more than 80 old tombs, and it is one of the prefecture's largest group of large tombs.
The final stage of burial mounds located in Iwate Prefecture was positioned as an 8th-century mural mound group from the Wadokai and Kinobi metal fittings excavated from Nishine burial mound (Kanegasaki-cho) etc. It was revealed for the first time that it was from the late 7th century from the characteristics of the pottery group excavated by excavation survey. Therefore, the said remains are extremely valuable lump-sum materials as an academic material indispensable for considering the transition of the ancient tombs in the last stage of northeastern northern half. In particular, huge balls are abundant in quality and quantity so that there are no excavated cases in the prefecture, and there are few agricultural tools and tools in iron products, and they are different from other burial mound groups in the prefecture such as being biased to swords and iron fences It is a valuable source of information to consider the social background of that time.
※ Breakdown of 1 case 1,390 points (35 points of earthenware, 2 points of earthen spindles, 10 points of swords, 16 points of swords, 1 point of harness, 67 points of iron rod, 1 point of bronze point, 1 point of bronze point, 2 points of bronze ear ring, 1 point of tin point 2 points Stone ball 97 points Glass ball 1,148 points Material unknown ball 6 points Lacquer bowl 1 point)