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Pseudonym reading Untitled
Specified type Specified
Type Historical materials
Designated date March 4, 1980
Specified details
quantity 1 shoulder
location Miyako city Oguni
owner Daienji Temple
Holding group
Management organization
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Attached clothing gift box 1 and the left side 100.5 cm of the costume.
Right end 117.5 cm.
Amber (Cloud dragon round pattern) Scarlet.
It is a style of Nanjo generation, but both ends are packed by about one-third of a row.
Article 4 distribution is extra thin cloth of separate distribution, and it is Yunlong Bunsoshi.
It is said that it is a traditional costume from Tendon-ji Temple, Shandong Province, from the Jeong-do (Jodong Seo Dynasty 6 0 14 1118).
According to “Shohoji Document” Yasunaga 1st Year “Denki Den-no”, Domoto Kimoto, who entered the 2nd year of Japan (1223), is the Baoqing 2 year (1226) on September 20, 20 Tenlongsan in the south. In the next three years, upon returning home from the winter in Japan (1227) in the following three years, upon receiving a license from Dojojing, he was given a large coat (seven articles of summer) from Zon Michio and returned home.
It is a work of the Nanjo period, and its career and transfer are also clear and valuable.