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Pseudonym reading Sangaru
Specified type Historical materials
Designated date August 5, 1980
Specified details
quantity One side
location Ichinoseki City Gumi-cho Character Okinono (Ichineki City Museum)
owner Suzumori Tamako
Holding group
Management organization
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61 cm in height.
Width 214 cm.
0.6 cm thick.
Katsura wood, bordered 1 sheet is a side price.
The account was dedicated to Hachiman Shrine in February 1941 (1741), and the dedicated person Iwasaki Kiyoremon completely understands the Tenshu technique created by Seki Takakazu and is correct. We derive an open method (currently called an equation).
The existing calculation is as old as the whole country, and it is valuable in the study of mathematical history in this prefecture.
In addition, a license certificate has also been handed down, indicating that Iwasaki Seiryon Amon has been transmitted from the master Aoki Nagayoshi to the secret of the Nakanishi style.