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Pseudonym reading How is it?
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historical materials
Designated date May 10, 2011
Specified details
quantity 1 unit
location Ichinoseki City Shinji Character Harashita
owner Ichinoseki City Medical Association
Holding group
Management organization
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Height 78 cm (including pedestal stone 115 cm), side 24.5 cm (basis stone 103 cm), depth 23.5 cm (basis stone 80 cm)

In the case of Toyoyoshi Nobori, Ichinoseki doctors who dissected the body of Toyokichi, a thief who had been punished in this place on Dec. 10 (1785), inscribed the origin and made it a record of dissection, It is a scolded spirit.
Anatomy by Ichinoseki Doctor is equivalent to the first case in the Tohoku region 31 years after Japan's first medical anthropology, followed by two cases of Yonezawa Tsuji Doctor in the Tohoku region.
The Toyoshiyoshi Tomb is the second oldest human anatomical monument in the country that conveys this achievement, and is a valuable document that conveys the spread of orchid science in the One Seki Territories, represented by Oiso Genzawa.