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Pseudonym reading Jun Reino's essay
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Tangible folk cultural property
Designated date August 17, 1979
Specified details
quantity 1 sheet
location Ichinohe Town Togoshi-ji Miyakozawa
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
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49.7 cm in length.
Width 12.1 cm.
It is made of Katsura wood, and it is Kanna cutting.
In 1159, the 11-plane Kannon image is drawn at the top, with a red circle (Nishiten) on the right and a white circle (Mutsuten) on the left.
The applicant is Mr. Chikuzen of Shinzan-ji Temple (official name) Yusen.
It is Iwate Prefecture's only wish tree, and it is valuable as a medieval document.
There is the following inscription.
Right Akamaru (Nichiten) Thirty-thousand God Applicant Xin Jie Ikumaeya Eleventh Kannon (Picture Image Lotus Base White Helicopter) Dedication Hakusan Meguri Hakusen Gyoen Gyoen Hundred Thousand Place, Letters, Left Hakumaru (Tsukiten) Nagisa Nagamine March 3rd Respect