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Pseudonym reading Prefecture designation
Specified type Tangible folk cultural property
Type March 31, 1981
Designated date
Specified details
quantity 10 width
location Hanawaki City Towa Town Kami Ukita
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
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Vertical 70.4 to 172.0 cm.
Width 31.5-55.0 cm.
Of the 10 widths, 6 silk books and 4 paper book widths.
The period is from the north to south mornings to the late Muromachi period.
The breakdown of the 10 areas is as follows.
1 Takase Taiji 御 2 源 源 3 3 導 4 4 4 光 報 5 5 仏 仏 仏 放 放 放 6 6 6 放 放 放 放 弥陀 弥陀 7 7 太 7 子 孝 太 8 子 黒Mt. Toku 9 Figure of Daikoshina's close ties 10 Some of the six-letter names, including those with the year number, are rare in the example where the 10 widths are combined and left in one place.
In addition, it is said that writing and drawing are divided into a single piece of paper and the division of a decoration and a Buddha picture, and it is said to be a gold plating, not a paint of gold and mud, crush sand gold, stretch like paper, and cut it The equivalent value of making a picture by bonding is high.
Not only is it valuable as a series of things that go on, it is also valuable as a historical source of historical evidence.