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Pseudonym reading Prefecture designation
Specified type
Type Tangible folk cultural property
Designated date March 31, 1981
Specified details
quantity 1 body
location Kitakami City Chiuchikari Town
owner Kunno Tsunefuku
Holding group
Management organization
home page


Total length 83 cm.
Katsura, Koyo Taishi-Ichi-Ikuchi wooden frame, carved eyes, both hands, both legs are inserted.
There is a proud carving on the back, and it is written on the back of the back plate as "Sei Dek Sun 13 Jia Qing 3rd year (1389) May 10, Mayor Sheng Ming Gian Guang Zhao Zhao Zhao 3".
The bald eagle is dotted on the forehead, and the pattern incense furnace is made in the pattern of the pattern.
It is reminiscent of the ancient style of Hui Heng, and it is the oldest in the prefecture, and it is the oldest in the prefecture, and its making is also distinctive and excellent.
I have been building Taishido since ancient times.
"Mino's home" is one of the characteristic folk religions in the Iwate prefecture area, and it is an ordinary house in the private calendar that enshrines statues such as the statues of Ada-no-Naraiko and Suta Tokusu on a regular day of October. It is a faith where fellow family members gather and talk in the hall.
Today, the family gathers on the 14th of October, the New Year's Day, the New Year's Day, etc., devotes to offerings and eats together, and there is a faith that the family is happy.