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Pseudonym reading How to use Hanamaki
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Tangible folk cultural property
Designated date January 16, 1988
Specified details 25 sets and a half, 51 points
location Kitakami City Yoshimachi
owner Kitakami
Holding group
Management organization
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Made of clay.
There are 25 types of molds, one set including the front and back molds.
There is also no front type and there are half set of back type.
Hanamaki dolls are made by combining clay in a mold, drying it, painting unglazed dolls with a ground of flour and coloring it with a mud paint, etc. It is a earth doll made in.
This type of Hanamaki doll is from Bunsei to Keio, and the Kitakami City Museum received a donation from Mr. Hiroshi Terui, a former storehouse.
In addition to the date of production, there are many items in which the world conditions such as the price of rice, sunshine, fires, etc. are inscribed in a concise manner, and it is a reference material to know the folklore of those days.