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Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Tangible folk cultural property
Designated date January 16, 1988
Specified details
quantity 4 width
location Kitakami City Chiuchikari Town
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
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1 Good luck image

Length 172 cm, width 60 cm, paper coloration, shaft material.
The picture is clear and well-marked, but it is a shame that some parts have fallen.
Sitting in the center of the seat, draw a large figure of the leading Buddha of the three leading Amida Buddha from the mouth, draw a figure of the family such as the late parents at the feet, etc. The true form of faith is expressed and valuable.
There is an inscription of Reich 23 years (1416).

2 Good luck image

Length 148 cm, width 32 cm, paper coloration, shaft material.
We draw the position of a good guiding master who is giving out three types of Buddha of Amitabha from the mouth.
It is a pity that the important parts have fallen away, but it is a representative image of a well-known great master image with good images.
It is estimated to be production of the Muromachi period.

Three six-letter name

Vertical 140 cm, horizontal 34 cm, paper-colored, shaft.
He wrote a white letter on a black sheet of paper with Nanmu Amida and drew a lotus stand under it.
The inscription part has a trace that was cut off at the time of remodeling of the surface.
It is valuable as a source of folk religion at that time.
There is an inscription of Reichon 30 years (1423).

4 13 Buddha woodcut images

Length 131 cm, width 38 cm, paper coloration, shaft material.
It is believed to be a woodcut of the Muromachi period, when the 13 Buddhas became popular.
It is also rare to have a monument with ten kings, a december and a day of the dead.
It is a good document that is distinctive as the 13 Buddhas of the region.