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Pseudonym reading Prefecture designation
Specified type Tangible folk cultural property
Type January 16, 1988
Designated date
Specified details
quantity 5 width
location Kitakami city Kuchiuchimachi Matsuzaka
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
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1 Mt. Yamato Amano, Kannon, Seso image 3 width vs. Amida 165 cm long, 58 cm wide, paper coloration, shaft.
Kannon length 166 cm, width 58 cm, paper coloration, shaft material.
Length: 167 cm, width: 58 cm, paper coloring, shaft material.
It is a design that draws the lineage of the mountain crossing Yusanzan which conveys that the Eshin monk was drawn with enthusiasm.
It is thought that it preached the relief of the coming Amitabha as a part of Shinto in the same way as the Jodo secular system of the secular missionary religion, and it is a good source of information on the folk religion at that time.
2 Takako Taiko Image Height: 155 cm, Width: 58 cm, Paper coloration, Axis.
It is an image of a large Shotoku Taiko with an eye of 16 years old who has a long split hair divided into two parts, and holds a pattern incense burner, and its history is clear, and it is valuable as a folk religion material.
3 Jizo Kuruma image 186 cm long, 60 cm wide, colored paper, colored material.
A large Jizo in the center, a ten king Buddha in the upper part, a life act on the lower part in a mirror, and a person at the lower end will be dead families.
It appears that the death penalty of the Chuo-Ou went into the city of Fufu one after another, and visited the ten kings' offices one after another, and in the third anniversary of each king's royal court received a judgment of sins, which made it possible to determine a place to settle in the future. .
It is a good source with good storage and repair inscription.
It is inscription of 5 years (1532) together with 3 width.