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Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Tangible folk cultural property
Designated date September 26, 2006
Specified details
quantity Complete set (81 points, 71 additional points specified)
location Ninohe City Fukuoka Character Nagasu, Ninohe City Jojoji Town Oji Oyama, Ninohe City Ishigiri Place Moria, Ninohe City Fukuoka Character Shimonakamachi, Ichinohe Town Kotoritani Character Park, Ichinohe Town Iwabuchi
owner Outside the individual
Holding group
Management organization
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This property is a material representing the process of producing wax from lacquer fruit. It is widely known that it produces raw lacquer from Urushi, but it is not well known that it produces wax from candles. There is a place in the Ninohe region where lacquer wax from the russy has been produced as an important product under the control of firewood.
In the late autumn, when the fruits are dried, start by cutting off the fruits using “tree cutting”, then pulverize with “chopsticks” and “waste”, steam with silo, and put it in bamboo “waxame chopsticks”, “ We squeeze with barrel. Apply the melted wax to "wax rice cake" many times and finish it as a candle. It is said that such work was seen during the farming season.
In the description of the Fukuoka Dori in the southern family document "Ohyou-san-san" (Morioka City Central Public Hall), "From 惣 出 生 役 生 生 ほ ど ほ ど 上 漆 よ り よ り 役 役 水"It is called" Fukuoka-cho, Ichinohe-cho ", but it is only this part that mentions wax and candles among Shonai 33rds, and wax production is carried out in the Ninohe district, It indicates that it was the main production area in the boat.