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Pseudonym reading Nago Ego Mori Oragomi Kanazawa Collection
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Tangible folk cultural property
Designated date October 26, 2007
Specified details
quantity 14 sheets
location Morioka City Ueda Character Matsuyashiki
owner Iwate Prefecture
Holding group
Management organization
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It is a calendar that expresses only pictures without using letters so that those who can not read and write letters can understand it.
It was carved on a single block of wood and printed on a single block, and it was widely used north of Morioka at Morioka Pass.

The Morioka calendar until the beginning of the Meiji era is 14 sheets from Kanaga 6 (1853) to 1893 (1870), of which 32 types for 31 years have been confirmed. It is a valuable resource for recognizing gender and understanding the transition of the Morioka calendar.