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Pseudonym reading The First Lady of Daijoji
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Tangible folk cultural property
Designated date November 7, 2008
Specified details
quantity 200 bodies
location Ichinoseki City Kawasaki Town thin clothes
owner Seitokuyama Daijyoji
Holding group
Management organization
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In Ojo-ji Temple, a sculptor who used a blind maiden called Ogami Sama as a festival tool is dedicated. The reason why so many Oshirasamas gathered is that Ogamisama who feasted Oshirosama died and it can not be scolded without his successor, so it is the one that Ogamisamas were put in the main mountain of Daijyoji.
It is a valuable resource to consider the relationship between Oshiramama and Ogamisama, who were central to the local people's faith.