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Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Intangible folk cultural property
Designated date February 15, 1974
Specified details
location Hanamaki-shi Towacho Ochiai, Tono-shi Aoiso-cho Sakai-mae, Tono-shi Tsukuha Ushicho Kamitsukicho beef
Holding group Kasuga Ryuji Oshika Dance Conservation Society, Ao Ayako Dance Conservation Society, Mineko Hayaike Dance Conservation Society
Management organization
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○ Kasuga Rakushi Aika dance ... It corresponds to the northern limit of a single drum dance deer dance that is handed down in the prefecture south region. In honor of the Kasuga style, Hanamaki, among the things to be conveyed to the Towa region, it is best used to transmit the ancient form. There are many types of songs, including Garden, Nibanba, Chikasanko, Yagatako, Okurako, Yobori, Kotobuki, Tsukada, Gungun dance, and Yamaka. Tsuna Odori performs the skill of "Tsubakuro Reversal" as a specialty of Ochiaika Odori.
○ Aikoku Choshi dance, Hayaike Choko dance ... It is a typical thing of the dance troupeic deer dance that has been transmitted to the Tono region from ancient times. It is a complex thing that is accompanied by a large number of chopsticks, drumsticks and song fry, as well as a large number of dancers other than dumplings. There are many kinds of works, and there are entrances, cuts, and ends, and there are dances by various praises. In addition, there is a post of wild grass, there is a pillar, and there is a Kyogen style dance such as Shishi Sakemori. These two lion dances have a relationship with the hexagonal cow mountain and the Hayaike Enoyama religion, respectively, and the other phase of the lion which is covered with a mud tree kanara is also special, and there are some that suggest the emergence of the mountain spirit.