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Pseudonym reading Hayachine House House
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Intangible folk cultural property
Designated date March 31, 1981
Specified details
location Hanamaki City Towa Town Tsuchizawa
Holding group Ishihatokaoka Kagura Preservation Association
Management organization
home page Hanamaki City (Hayaike Mine Takeru Ishito Hatooka Kagura)
Ishihatokaoka Kagura Preservation Association
National Kagura Council


Ishihatokaoka Kagura belongs to Hayaike Minedakesan-Shushikagura, and Ishitoka Kikuchi Den-emon (1863 years old, 73 years old), but two years of culture (1805) As he received a transfer and later recruited his comrades and put together all the dance tools, he was permitted to give himself the name of Hayaike Mine Iryu Ishitoka Kagura on September 1 in 1834 (1834).
The performances include “Kanmai”, “翁”, “Itomi Kai”, etc. In addition to the regular festival on Sept. 11 at Kamiyamada Komagata Shrine in Towa Town, Chishu Hanamaki-shi, it will be held at the Minami Family Jamomori Sakurayama Shrine.
This Kagura is made to look elegant with its costumes etc., but the dance is elegant in a simple manner, retains the remnants of old rituals everywhere, inherits the flow of Yamabushi Kagura, and is valuable. It is.