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Pseudonym reading か か ぶ ん ぶ ん ば Good luck
Specified type Prefecture designation
Designated date April 28, 1995
Specified details
location Morioka City Kamishigama Sugasawa
Holding group Upper Shitatsu Nembutsu Kenburen
Management organization
home page Ode (上 鹿 剣)


Kenbu is one of the leading performing arts in this prefecture, and it is called, from its art form, Great Nembutsu, Oni Ken Dance, Nembutsu Ken Dance, Hinako Ken Dance, and Sakai Ken Dance.

Great Nenbutsu is characterized by the fact that it is accompanied by chopsticks, that different dance children dance at the same time, and that there is drumming of drums called the circumference drum, etc., in central prefecture from Morioka City to Hanamaki City. It is thriving.

The Kamikatuma Nembutsu Kenbubu dance that is conveyed to the Morioka city Kamikatoma is a performing arts called this great Buddha.

It is a kind of Nembutsu dance that can be danced in the basin, and it aims to calm the spirits.

On the evening of the 13th of the Bonn, we will form a procession at the upper house of Sugashima's Niwamoto, and walk along the way to Omatsu-in in the same area.
After dancing at Omatsu-in, we dance around the cemetery and desired houses, including the First Bon House.
Sometimes they are invited to the house of an adjacent municipality.

There is a feature on the Owaki representing Amidado, and dancers dressed in colorful costumes dance with a fan, a tang fan, a sword and so on.

These are said to express joy for the arrival of Amida, and are valuable performing arts where the distinctive features of Nembutsu religious style are seen everywhere.

(The 4th Intangible Folk Cultural Property Designation Criteria 2 (3))