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Pseudonym reading Kurasawa Nyuko Kabuki
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Intangible folk cultural property
Designated date September 1, 1995
Specified details
location Hanawaki City Towamachi Kurasawa
Holding group Kurasawa Doll Kabuki Preservation Society
Management organization
home page Hanamaki City (Kurasawa Doll Kabuki)
Iwate Prefecture Tourism Association (Kurasawa Doll Kabuki)


Kurasawa Puppet Kabuki is characterized by the fact that it plays both a puppet show by a puppet and a kabuki by a person, and it is said that the presenter's actual experience of kabuki will help the puppet's manipulation.
A puppet show is a single-handed, scissors-type puppet show distributed in the Tohoku region such as Akita and Iwate prefectures, and the puppet show is hidden behind the stage and can not be seen.
It seems to be akin to the sarakura doll in Akita Prefecture, which is considered to be a representative of the group.

In Iwate Prefecture, there are (1) water puppet plays (Kitakami city Kuchiuchi-cho water), (2) Kurasawa doll kabuki (Hanamaki city Towamachi Kurasawa), (3) Hirose puppet theater Jorakuza (Oshu city Esashi Ward Hirose ), (4) Aniwa puppet theater (Kotoishi-cho Aniwa) has been handed down until recently, but it is a valuable group because it has been interrupted by the flood and it has become difficult to inherit Aniwa.
It is a different program from Hirose Puppet Show, and also has a different relationship with Kabuki.

(The 4th Intangible Folk Cultural Property Designation Criteria 2 (3))