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Pseudonym reading Maikawa Shishi Odori
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Intangible folk cultural property
Designated date May 2, 1997
Specified details
location Ichinoseki City Maikawa
Holding group Maikawa Kagoshima Preservation Association
Management organization
home page Ichinoseki City (Maikawa Shikaken)


It is said that Maikawa Kakkon is the beginning that it was told to Ryotaro Yoshida of Aikawa village here from Chiba Hirakurou in Motoyoshi 13-year-old (1700) Motoyoshi-gun, Hirakuji-mura (now Motoyoshi-cho), Miyagi Prefecture.

At the preservation association, messages such as "Kuroyama Shikoko Yuka" derived from the 13th Genroku and "Hikari Niwa-zuku Sohuka" by Kansei 10 (1798) are left.

In traditional lore, there was also a time when I repeated the pause and suspended it temporarily, but after abolishing the garden former system until then and forming a preservation society in 1959, lore activity became active and in 1984 Following the designation of Ichinoseki City Intangible Folk Cultural Property No. 1 and in 1993, it has been handed down to the main house of the dance group of Hiraiso Village, which had been cut off (Shizukawacho, Motoyoshi-gun).

The main activities now include performances at the Shobara Shrine's annual festival, Ichinoseki City's summer festival, and various performing arts events, as well as actively targeting children and students at the local Maikawa Elementary School and Maikawa Junior High School. We are also working on successor training.

Iwate Prefecture's deer dance is widely distributed in the south region of the prefecture, and while it beats the drums worn by itself, it dances to its lions and dances in the middle and northern part of the prefecture. There is a "dance" system that dances while taking rhythm with the hem of
In addition, deer dances of "taiko-dori" include the Jyozan style, the Kanetsu style, and the Kasuga style, depending on their origin and propagation path.

Under such circumstances, Maikawa Shikaken is a representative dance group of the Yukiyama style, has a wealth of related materials such as message books, master's books related to inheritance, memorial monuments, etc. I try to keep the tradition of the current tradition.
In addition, the dance group that transmits the eighth performance is rare and valuable in the prefecture, and in particular, the tradition of "Tosa-mai" and "in the sea gate" is noted.

(The 4th Intangible Folk Cultural Property Designation Criteria 2 (3))