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Pseudonym reading New Year's Eve
Specified type Intangible folk cultural property
Designated date April 30, 2003
Specified details
location Oshu-shi Esashi-ku, Yokogawa-ji Minakamisawa
Holding group
Management organization Kuta deer dance preservation society
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Hisadaka Odori belongs to the drum dance Shikadori distributed from the north of Miyagi Prefecture to the southern part of Iwate Prefecture, and claims the name of the mountain stream. According to a copy of the collection, Yoshiro Biei of Notezaki-mura (now Esashi city, Yanagawa) received a transfer from the Sendai Shiroshita Hachimando Odori Shogun Sato Nagabei and informed him of Kuda 4 years (1599). Is said to be the beginning. 2 1 (1717), Mr. Date Yoshimura hears a deer dance sang by a person who appeared as a husband from Kuda to Sendai while working as a husband, and ordered Kudakawa Chuo of Notesaki to send Kuda deer dance to Sendai. I called and looked over. A large flag (a picture of a monk watching a deer playing at Mt. Kasuga) that has been saved as a reward is preserved, and even today it plays deer dance.
Kuda deer dance involves a child's dancer called a boy, having a rabbit's lion, having a short waist (sasara), having a bird's feather, playing in front of the large flag. There are remarkable features such as