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Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Intangible folk cultural property
Designated date April 30, 2003
Specified details
location Kanegasaki-cho Migajiri east field
Holding group
Management organization Mukajiri deer dance preservation meeting
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Mikaji Shika dance is a drum-based deer dance handed down at the northern end of Sendai Territories, and among the numerous lineage groups, along with the Akiraka dance of Kitakami city, they all claim to the Hakujosan flow. The origin is explained on the basis of a message from Sano of the Bunsei 9 (1826), Ginza county Hachiman (Sakuragawa, Mizusawa-ku, Oshu city), and that Ryohei of Mikajiri village was transferred, and this is Motoyoshi county Tanimura (currently Miyagi Prefecture Honyoshi-gun Minamisanriku-cho) As the ancestor, Tome-gun Kuronuma-mura (now Miyagi Pref. Tome-city Nakata-cho), Giyosawa-gun Tokuoka-mura (present Oshu-shi Iorizawa-gun Iorizawa-cho) It is said to have been transmitted through.
Kagura, Tadzu, and deer dance are transmitted to the Sankajiri district, and the Sankashiri local performing arts preservation society was established in 1935, and the Sankajiri deer dance was played as an activity of the deer dance club. In January, a new Sangaishi Shikadokokai was formed, and training is being conducted by young members led by Nawamoto.
The Mukajiri deer dance preservation association holds excellent techniques such as neutral footsteps and square putting movements, and the deer dance trove is also abundant, and ceremonies such as “garden tightness” and “tomb turning” are surely passed down There is.