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Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Intangible folk cultural property
Designated date November 13, 2012
Specified details
location Nino-gun Ichito-cho Kotogaya, Nino-gun Ichitocho Nakayama
Holding group Takayashiki Kagura Preservation Society, Nakayama Kagura Preservation Society
Management organization
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Ichinohe-cho is an area where Kagura has been played actively, and even today Takayashiki Kagura, Nakayama Kagura, Female Kagagura, Koto Kagura, and Tanaka Shinzansha Kagura are active. I can give Iwashimizu Kagura. Kagura was lore to other places in the past. Its history and history are not always clear. However, Kagura in Ichinohe-cho is considered to be almost the same current, and it is believed that it originates in Kagura under the jurisdiction of Kichijoin, a Yamabushi who ruled one modern house as an annual event.
Among them, Takayashiki Kagura is unsurpassed in holding a large number of works, and the characteristic works retain the old form of Yamabushi Kagura in northeastern Japan. In addition, Nakayama Kagura is a source of Nakayamate that spreads around the former Morioka nun in Iwate prefecture north and Aomori prefecture south, and indicates the occurrence or establishment of Yamabushi kagura, as an indicator of the transition, and as a regional feature. This is a typical case.

※ On the photo ... Nakayama Kagura, the photo below ... Takayashiki Kagura