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Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historic site
Designated date July 19, 1957
location Yawa town Ouji Fujisawa
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
The burial mound is located on a fine plateau, called the Kashiwamori, which has a contour line of 105m above sea level.
The surrounding area is a flat paddy field with a panoramic view without hills.
According to a survey in 1969, three old burial mounds were recognized.
(In addition, it is estimated that there are dozens of lost hills.
The first boat is about 9m east to west, about 8m north to south, about 1.4m high, and the plane is almost circular.
Excavation has not been conducted.
As for No. 2, the mound was scraped and the mound was not clear.
A piece of tonatori was broken into several pieces and excavated from the area of concentrated Kawaharaishi.
It was estimated that this Kawahara stone was used in a stone chamber and scattered by later digging and cultivation.
The third tomb, too, was a mound of mounds.
When a trench was inserted around the place where Kawahara stone is located, a long-bowl-shaped girdle opened in the southeast direction was confirmed.
The outer diameter of the girdle was 13 m east-west, 1.54 m wide on the north side, and 0.94 m deep.
It is valuable in knowing the ancient culture of this prefecture.