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Pseudonym reading Ukishimakofungun
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historic site
Designated date March 17, 1959
Specified details
location Iwate Town Oji Dochikawa
owner Pioneer farming cooperative
Holding group
Management organization
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It is located on the plateau facing the swampy area between Mt. Tangani and Mt.
It is confirmed that there are 14 old burial mounds in 1920.
As a result of investigating four of them in 1958 (1958), it was revealed that it was a small circular burial mound and it was a burial moxibustion type of burial type.
The size of the burial mound is a small circle with a diameter of 9 to 13 m and a height of 35 to 75 cm.
Zhou Wei has not been investigated.
The internal structure was dug down below the ground surface, and it was 4m long and 1m wide, and it had a bottom with a size of about 1m.
This is to prevent the corrosion of the ruins and has been practiced in this region until recent years.
Mortuary items include straight swords, toko, iron balls, glass balls, iron rings and bronze rings.
The construction period is estimated to be from the late Nara period to the early Heian period, and it is a valuable monument to know the ancient tomb culture of this prefecture, such as not using stone groups in the internal structure.