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Pseudonym reading Nice to meet you
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historic site
Designated date December 24, 1963
Specified details
location Kitakami city Shinpei
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
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It is located on the Shinpei Hill which runs from the north-north to the southeast of Ejoko in Kitakami city.
Surveyed in 1957 and 1933, V-shaped hollow moats were surrounded around the site, and the ruins of stable buildings and pillars were found in the inner castle, and the ruins of pillars and blacksmiths were detected on the south slope.
At the bottom of the pottery pottery was also found a pottery with an inscription of ink writing like noon.
From the results of such excavations, it is estimated that this remains is an ancient station house.
The station house is an ancient transportation station facility by Denma, and in addition to the connection of human horses under the jurisdiction of the Koji, stables, lodgings, Yonekura, etc. were built to provide meals and lodgings to officials.
The station system was founded in 2 years (646), and more than 400 ancient station houses are recorded in the Enkei-styled Miebu-style countries Ekidenjo, and in the prefecture relations, Sakurai 白鳥 swan 胆 沢You can see the station house of Mongji.
These station houses are believed to have been built just after the construction of the Cistern's Castle in the 21st year of Ennoue (802), and two years later, it is permitted to set one station between the C. and C. Shihwa Castle.
Sakurai station house is near Ichinoseki, Shirasu station house is swan in Maezawa-ku, Oshu city, Girusawa station house is near Kizawa castle trace, and Tokiji is assumed to be this Shinpei ruins.
There are few ancient station houses that have been found nationwide, and the Shinpei ruins are important historical sites.