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Pseudonym reading I want to be a twin
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historic site
Designated date March 19, 1965
Specified details
location Futako Ichitorizuka: Kitakami city Futakocho Takaya, Murasakino, Narita Ichirizuka: Kitakami city Narita
owner Outside Kitakami Development Corporation
Holding group
Management organization
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A highway connecting the southern part of the castle town Morioka and Edo is called "Oshu-do road" or "Oshu-do road".
During the period between Edo and Shirakawa (Fukushima), Dochu Nakanobu ruled under the direct control of the Edo Shogunate, and from that point onward the north was left to the governor.
This village is built by the Shogunate order in Qing 9 (1694), and Futakozuka, a 10th village from Morioka, and a 11th village, Naritazuka, each along the Oshu Kaido line, are existent along the highway. doing.
The heights are 2 m 50 cm east of Fikotsuka and 2 m 30 cm west, 3 m 20 cm east of Narita Tsuk and 2 m west.
There is no precedent in the country where a pair of things exist together in just one village (about 4 km), and it is a valuable historical site from the viewpoint of the transportation history of this prefecture.

[Photo] Upper left: Narita Ichirizuka Central lower: Futako Ichitorizuka