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Pseudonym reading New Year's Eve
Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Sculpture
Designated date February 19, 1957
Specified details
quantity 1 body
location Oishi City Mizusawa-ku Kuroishi Town Character Yamauchi
owner Kuroishi Temple
Holding group
Management organization
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There are inscriptions of four years in the statue.
Image height 126.0 cm.
Wooden, Katsura, one wooden.
It has a lacquered finish, but the gold foil almost falls off and remains on part of the face and chest.
Spiral hair is large grained, fleshy and tall, with no clear border with natural hair.
In addition, the shoulders are wide, the ears are large, and the earlobe protrudes outward, indicating the characteristics of the early Heian period.
The coat worn on the face and shoulders is combined with dry lacquer to indicate that it is old.
The left hand has a pearl on the knee, the right hand is humiliated, the palm is in front, and the third finger is seated.
The back of the light and the pedestal are the complements, but the seven transformation Buddhas that come in contact with the back of the light are considered to be the original ones and to have been made as the Seven Buddhas.
Having an annual history of 4 years (862) is not only a reference work in a local area but also enhances the value of Japanese sculpture history.