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Pseudonym reading I'm sorry
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historic site
Designated date March 19, 1965
Specified details
location Hanamaki City Towa Town Tannai
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization
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The Tannaiyama Shrine was called Daishoji Temple in ancient times, but it became a shrine when the Meiji Restoration took place and was changed to the Tanuchiyama Shrine.
It is said that the shrine was rebuilt during Sakaueta village Maro east conquest, and Shirohihiro and a hall were built in Sekiwa year (834-848), and it was named Tannai Sangoku Gongen, enshrining the immovable king.
Shozuka is located on a mountain 400 to 50m high in contact with the Tanuchiyama Shrine, and from Nishizuka there are tuffs and 18 pieces of Hokusen and from Higashizuka Kage blue four-eared rabbits, white porcelain mottled caskets, juju mirror, and one northern piece of rice Is excavated.
Both of these two mounds have a stone chamber, and in particular Nishizuka covered the stone chamber, which is enclosed by one rockstone, with a double covering stone from the top, and build up a 10 to 30 cm mountain stone there I am making.
It is rare for such a mound with a stone chamber, and the original shape of the stone chamber is well preserved and valuable.