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Pseudonym reading Shimonoka or hijirizuka
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historic site
Designated date June 6, 1969
Specified details
location Kitakami city Inase-cho Mizukoshi
owner Kitakami
Holding group
Management organization
home page Iwate Prefectural Museum (Ippin Joden Eden and Hijirizuka)


The Kamonoka Hijirizuka is an archeological site that is identified as the tomb of the Warlords of the Kamakura period, known as a historical person.
The "One-time King's Eden" (designated by Sho 27 National Treasure), created in 1929, is a well-deserved picture that depicts the scenery faithfully according to the actual situation.
One year after Hiroyasu 3 years (1280), Esashi-gun was 42 years old, and the grandfather's tomb was thickly covered, but the "Grandf's communication tomb" in Eden Vol. The scenery of this neighborhood is in agreement with the scenery near the existing "Hijirizuka".