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Pseudonym reading New Year's Eve
Specified type National treasure
Type Craft
Designated date June 9, 1951
Specified details
location Hiraizumi-cho Hiraizumi character clothing
owner Dai Chojuin
Holding group
Management organization Chusonji Temple
home page Hiraizumi's cultural heritage


1 wooden reception board, 1 spiral planer dust plan, 1 rack, 1 peacock bream bowl, 1 spiral platformer, 15.4 cm high, 65.4 cm high.
It is a wooden black lacquered box-shaped note board.
Set the top and bottom brows to be a golden suspension, and put the metal fittings of the two flower tops Juyuko Shiho Treasure Sika Bunka in the four corners and center.
A screw rod is placed between the metal fittings, and two gaps are provided on each surface, and a peacock statement striking metal fitting is placed in the mirror in the inside.
Spiral flat dust plan height 77.56 cm, deck vertical 34.8 cm, horizontal 66.3 cm.
The wood is lacquered and the deck is rectangular in the inside corner, the sides are two in front of and behind the left, one right and left in each side, and the deck, the center and the four corners are hit with metal fittings of fish coffin treasure fahua arabesque brush.
The leg is a cross-section pentagon-shaped, and the base is decorated with a leaf-shaped agate, and the side legs are all coated with a bas-relief of Karasafura-karasu-bunsu on the ground.
Total height 57.8 cm, width 55.1 cm.
Place a pillar on the left and right of a wooden bowl-shaped leg, and place a Yamagata girder on both sides.
It was a plain dust area screw but only scraped and carved marks remain.
Peacock Bunsu 13.4 cm shoulder width, 15.4 cm stretch.
Both the upper and lower edges of the cast copper consist of three arcs and the chevron is high.
The left and right edges are strongly outward, with a rhombus cross section, with high ridges and thick edges.
Rich in mass, heavy and excellent casting.
Total height 80.9 cm, bottom diameter 24.8 cm.
In the whole flat dust area, scatter the treasures with a screw, and in the bond part between the 竿 and the の, the four-leaf bracket of the same sentence in the case of the roll base Hit