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Pseudonym reading Kuriba-Yaseze
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historic site
Designated date March 6, 1987
Specified details
location Kamaishi City Kuribayashi
owner Outside the individual
Holding group
Management organization
home page Kamaishi City / Prefecture designated cultural property


Kuribayashi Senza is a Sensa that has been approved by Morioka Sakai as a just-named seat for Oso Sotokai Mesenza (current Hanamaki City Osemachi) in Keio 3 (1867) in May, and a considerable amount of management is carried out until the beginning of Meiji 2 It was
However, it declined due to a ban on change of money in December of the same year, and then switched to production of pots, pots, agricultural tools, etc., and was reduced in size, and was closed when the Kamaishi Steel Works started operations in 1869.
In the excavation survey carried out in 1959, the blast furnace as shown in the picture drawing of "Kuribayashi Tezanzan Keisei 4 year open pit" and its remains such as the trace of the water mill were confirmed.
Among the 12 Zenzas located at Morioka Pass, Kuribayashi Zenza is a valuable archeological site where the remains of that time were preserved along with the drawings at that time.