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Pseudonym reading Kuroyama's old days
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Historic site
Designated date October 26, 2007
Specified details
quantity 37,468.8 square meters
location Kufuto village Oji Esashi house
owner Nobechi Hatsuo et al.
Holding group
Management organization
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It is a representative of the Heian period highland settlements distributed mainly in the northern part of the prefecture, and it is located at an altitude of about 430 m just below Orikome.
The age of the village is considered to be the period centered on the second half of the 10th century, and the pottery excavated from the excavated burial pit exhibits the same appearance, and approximately 22 burial pits remain It is thought that

Among the defensive settlements in northern northeastern Japan, highland settlements are not particularly known until recently, and they are valuable monuments to know the social situation of the transition period from the ancient times to the Middle Ages of northern Japan.